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How We Work

Education is the passport to the future; tomorrow belongs to those who prepare themselves today.

At Heralds International, we understand the importance of quality education and the transformative experiences it offers. Our dedicated team of experts assists students in exploring and selecting the most suitable study programs and institutions abroad. We provide comprehensive guidance, personalized counselling and support throughout the entire application and admission process all the way till the student reaches their destination. With our wide network of partner universities, we ensure that students receive the best opportunities to pursue their academic and career goals. From undergraduate to postgraduate programs, we offer a diverse range of study options to cater to every student's unique aspirations.


Step 1


Applying for study abroad is a challenging and thought-processing decision, often arousing misconceptions within the student’s mindset. We’ll take the initiative to understand the basic educational background of our students and their career objectives. Thereby, our expert counsellors will guide them to choose the best career and university based on their interests.


Step 2

Finding a Course and a University

Most of the time, a student might know their educational taste but end up having difficulties finding related courses or universities. We’ll help the students explore the various courses associated with their interest areas. Once the course is finalized, we’ll guide them in making an entry to one of the world’s best universities that offer the concerned course.


Step 3

Application Processing

Once the application forms are filled out, we implement a thorough review procedure. We ensure that the details entered in the application form are compatible with the needs and priorities of the university.


Step 4

Application Review & Admission

At Heralds International, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to students as they embark on their study abroad journey. Our team of professionals is committed to guiding students through the admission process. We assist students in understanding the requirements of their chosen universities or educational institutions, and help them prepare and submit all necessary documentation. Whether it's assessing academic qualifications, writing application essays, or preparing for interviews, we ensure that students have the best possible chance of gaining admission to their desired programs.


Step 5

University Interview & Visa Training

As part of our commitment to assisting students throughout their study abroad journey, Heralds International offers specialized support in the visa application process. We are an enthusiastic team that provides personalized guidance, helping students understand the visa requirements for their chosen destination country. We meticulously review and assist in preparing all the necessary visa documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the relevant regulations. With our guidance, students can confidently submit their visa applications, increasing their chances of approval. Additionally, we have a dedicated travel desk that assists students with travel arrangements, accommodation, and other logistical aspects, further contributing to a seamless and stress-free visa process.


Step 6

Visa Interview

We provide complete guidance on the visa training and interview process. Our team will be conducting visa interview training consistently and will give you the opportunity to attend the mock interview practices. This will give you an overall idea of the interview process, thereby, integrating the best confidence within yourself.